Monday, 15 February 2010

Welcum to tootsie's new bloggg - speshul!

Ferst of orl i'm starting of wif a histery of the hammsters whot of livd in the storige crate wot i live in now and so her's herbert an thay orl thort herbert wos a boy hammster untill thay spottid too neet lines of nipples.  and no willy.  so her's herbert.

Akshully she's lukin to see if ther's any tea in that fing wot looks like the iner of a woshing mashine but is in fakt a cuttlerey tidyer-upper from IKEA.  i'll put up anuther pic of herbert tomoro.


  1. Toots', are you a hamster owner perchance?

    Or a hamster!!! :-o

  2. der poobah i am a hammster. female, short-hared sable. i of got a pedigre yu no. ther ar peeple out ther wot breed hammsters to compertishun standerd

  3. It's a great Blog Tootsie. I have posted a link on my own blog,