Friday, 26 February 2010

This is a gest post wot is a story abowt an advencher whot flaffers had wen he stil lived in the storij crayte

Helo everwun!

wel for sum reesun my humum (who i think is feemale) has tayken up with anuther humun (who i think is male but im not shor) wot has a howse an i wus rownd ther the uther day an i manijed to get under the kichin dor an into the kichin. an then i manijed to get under a kichin unit an i choase the only wun wot you carnt get to. i'v tryed this in my humun's howse but shee can orlways get the plintth off the frunt so thats no fun is it.

an i didunt cum owt!

it wos a lot of fun wotching them trying to find mee! an the male humun ses I wos playin %!&*?>@~ mind games. I wos! An it werkt! ha ha ha i got im dint i. wen thay ferst met she sent him a nemail sayin that ther wos a singniffer, erm, importunt male in her lyfe an that wos me. he'd beter berliev it!

i did cum owt but not untill ther folowing day wen the male humun wos on the fone to her. Thort i mite sneek parst without him noatising but no such luck. mabe next tyme.

hahahahahahahaha wot a gud advencher!

Flaf xxxxxxxxxx


  1. One of my cats has taken an unhealthy obsession with you Tootsie.

  2. Gest post from flaffers? Can he communicate beyond the grave then??