Sunday, 21 February 2010

This blogg is a bit like reedin chaucer aparently

an i wos thinkin abowt falafel who wos the preevius tenant in this storij crate wot i liv in an i'll put sum pics up soon. falafel used to hav a blog but falafel's humun had a nutter as a male humun who thort that falafel wos a nalter-ego for getin at him wot a berk. but it did meen that flaffers's blog got tayken down by the poerlice cos for this is wot hapens if yu rite rude stuff abowt pipple on the interweb. but he's still a berk.

this is my favrit cartooon its by noel ford an he rote to me an sed i culd use it on her so thankks to noel ford who is rarther wunderful:


  1. Thank you, Tootsie, I think your rarther wunderful two!



  2. Tootsie - come visit my blog and look in the sidebar!
    I think you'll go a bit feint!