Thursday, 8 April 2010

Her is a nise picher of my humun

my humun makes porige for me ever day an it is nise she ses porige is discustinge stuf wich is just as well as orl the mor for me

this picher wos dun by bill stott an yu can see mor of his pichers her


  1. I think your human is much prettier than that Toots, I've seen her photos on Facebook!

  2. Toots, I'm back baby!
    I see that you couldn't bare to post anything while I was away!

    You're not dead too are you???
    :-o I hope not!

    XXX Poobah

  3. Der Poobah iv beeen watin for you fer a long time but im glad yor bac an i hoap its bisness as usual wich in my case is liek minicher licorish torpedos.