Thursday, 4 March 2010

orltho this is abowt ginee pigs the mor edukayted amung yew will notis that ther sownd track is atsherly the hamster dance


  1. I have no comment other than 'The YouToob vid is too wide Toots!'
    You can choose the width when you get the code to embed.
    You need to make it 440px or less.

    This has been an info-comment by Poobah.

  2. der poobah i shode this to my humun an she's dun somthin or uther to it now and i hope yu can see it properley now

  3. Much better - you can now click the box to get rid of the adverts.

  4. Here's one of my poems for you Toots:

    Hamsters are cute.
    Hamsters are groovy.
    If they agree to a date,
    You'd best go to a movie!

  5. der poobah pliz wil you tayke me to this moovie:

    thank yew

    toots xxx

  6. Sorry, Toots. It sounds rubbish!
    I do have Willard on DVD though: